June 28, 2020

The Shepherd's Corner


We all want to be married to a good person, but we do not really want to be married to a very good person. You see, a good person keeps us safe; we need not worry about betrayal or irresponsible behavior. A very good person does not betray or act irresponsibly, but a very good person does not always keep us safe. The truth is a very good person can make us lose our sense of security.

Dr. James Dobson, a noted Christian psychologist, recalls times when his father, an itinerant evangelist, came home from ministry bringing little or no money. As a young child Dr. Dobson heard the conversation that his father and mother had after he had come home from ministry. After telling his mother what the Lord had done, his father, then, told his mother that he brought no money home because he had given the money he had received from his ministry to the pastor who hosted him. When he saw that the pastor needed the money more than he, he gave it all away.

You see, it is not easy to be married to a very good person. A good person will work and bring the money home; a very good person will work but does not always bring the money home. We can then say that it takes a very good person to be married to a very good person. Dr. James Dobson remembers the answer that his mother gave upon hearing that his father had given the money to those in need, “If that’s what the Lord had told you to do, that’s fine, Jim.”

If we think that because of their generosity Dr. Dobson’s parents ended up becoming rich, we are wrong. No, God did not reward them with more riches. Instead He rewarded them with a rich faith-filled life, so rich that their son would learn about God and His faithfulness and become a blessing to countless number of people.

Pastor Paul

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