August 20, 2017

The Shepherd's Corner


Today we will begin our new series, “This Is How It All Began” which is based on the Book of Acts. God’s willing, we will finish it—someday. One of the main themes of the book is being led by the Spirit of God to certain places, to meet certain people, and to be a part of certain experiences. We’ll see that when God’s people are open and available to be led by the Spirit, God’s work will be done.

At the age of 42, Paul E. Freed had accomplished a lot. He—and his dad—had started the ministry of Trans World Radio, which covered dozens of countries in Europe and North Africa. He had seen how God supplied their needs miraculously and how God brought the right people to work with him. But, that’s not all. At that relatively young age, God had given him vision of things to do in the future.

One day to fill his leisure day he played a number of tennis games with some friends. He never felt better and healthier. However, afterwards he felt extremely weak and began to perspire profusely. Not long after, he began to feel a chest pain. He suffered a heart attack. What happened next was months of hospitalization and recuperation. It was then that his wife reminded him that the heart attack brought upon by the tennis games was a part of God’s good plan for him. Had he not had the heart attack, his coronary condition would have worsened and led to his death.

Psalm 95:7 reminds us, “For He is Our God and we are the people of His pasture, the flock under His care.” He is our good shepherd; consequently, He will only lead us to good places. If He had to lead us through difficult and dangerous places, it is only so He could lead us to the good places. A heart attack, financial problem, family conflicts are just ways to get to the good pasture.

Pastor Paul

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