September 11, 2022

The Shepherd's Corner

Firstly, thank you for your prayers for my mother and me.  By the grace of God, she can now walk with assistance.  If God’s willing, she will be on her way to full recovery.  And by the grace of God my trip went well, too; I was healthy and able to accomplish what I had set out to do: spending time with my mother and visiting some people; one of them was Oom Hein, who said hello to everyone at church.

I also took a day trip to Malang to visit several people.  Initially I only planned on visiting three groups of people in Malang—one of them was a dear colleague of mine who has Stage 4 lung cancer—then flew back to Jakarta.  But because Santy’s uncle, Samuel Nugroho, passed away last week, I decided to visit his widow in Surabaya. 

I had a limited time and I needed transportation that could take me around, so I’d make it in time to catch the plane. The available train from Malang to Surabaya was too late in the afternoon.  If I took a bus, I wouldn’t have enough time, since I’d need to go to Malang’s bus station first and from Surabaya’s bus station, I’d have to find a taxi.  So, I prayed, and God provided.  The airport’s taxi in Malang agreed to take me around and to Surabaya.  By the grace of God, despite flight’s delay and getting lost, I was able to catch the plane.

Upon arrival, I took a bus to Gambir thinking I could take another bus to Kelapa Gading before taking another public transportation to inside Kelapa Gading.  But the bus was not available; what was available was a bajaj, who gladly took me straight to my brother’s home.  Hallelujah!  You see, except for the taxi to Malang and the Damri bus to Gambir, the rest was unplanned. But I got to wherever I was meant to go.  And this reminds me of the way God leads us.  We don’t know how we’ll get there but somehow, He’ll get us there.

Pastor Paul

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