October 2, 2022

The Shepherd's Corner

One of the great preachers the world has ever known is Charles Haddon Spurgeon of England, who was known to preach directly from the Bible.  One Sunday morning he began his message by saying this, “Some have found fault with me, contending that I am too old-fashioned.  I am always quoting the Bible and do not say enough about science.  Well, there’s a poor widow here who has lost her only son.  She wants to know if she will ever see him again.  Let’s turn to science for the answer: Will she see him again?  Where is he?  Does death end all?”  After repeating the question two more times and hearing no response, Spurgeon said, “Nothing to say?  Then we’ll turn to the Book!”  With that, he opened the Bible and started preaching about the assurance that Christians had in Jesus.

Science provides us with knowledge about nature, but it does not give us answers about life.  Religion offers us answers about life.  Christianity gives us not only answers about life and what happened before life began and what happens after life ends, but also the assurance of being with God in heaven after life on earth ends.  Only by and through Jesus and His death on the cross will we receive the gift of salvation.  Death no longer terrifies us.

The last book that Dr. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, wrote was The Journey Home: Finishing with Joy.  He wrote the book after he was diagnosed with a terminal disease.  In it he offered this recipe to facing life: (a) Thanking God demonstrates faith; (b) Obeying God demonstrates love; and (c) Praising God demonstrates joy.  We thank God because we trust in His unfailing love and power.  We obey God because we love Him who has first loved us and died for us.  We praise God because of the joy and strength He brings to our lives.  So, whatever the situation is, do not forget this simple recipe: Thank Him.  Obey Him. Praise Him.

Pastor Paul

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