March 31, 2024

The Shepherd's Corner

Once upon a time a wealthy man comes to a Bible school in a small town.  After touring the facility, he then expresses the purpose of his visit: He wants to enroll his son in that school.  The problem is that not only is the son engaged in a sinful life, but he is also not known to have much interest in spiritual matters.  The father is of course aware of his son’s moral condition, but he is hoping that attending a Bible school might do his son good.  The president of the Bible school politely explains that a Bible school is a training facility for those called and are ready to serve God, so it is not a good fit for this young man. The right answer to a difficult situation.

The name of the president of that Bible school is Dr. Albert Ko, a humble and quiet man of God, who just slipped into the presence of the Lord last Monday.  I served under his leadership when I joined the Bible school in 1991.  The person who related to me the story is a former colleague of mine who happened to be a student at the Bible school when the incident happened.  He always remembers the incident because Dr. Ko’s decision not to admit this young man showed not only courage, but also integrity under pressure.

You see, at the time the Bible school was struggling financially; it’s almost certain admitting this wealthy man’s son would guarantee a better financial future.  But like a rock, Dr. Ko was unmoved; he held on to the Rock of Ages, Christ Our Lord, to provide.  He did not bow to pressure, and he did not compromise his integrity.  A humble and quiet man, not known to many outside the Bible school community, but was intimately known and loved by those who knew him.

It was a quiet morning when God the Father came and raised Jesus from the dead.  Neither the disciples nor the crowd were there, only some soldiers.  You see, God does His greatest work when it is quiet.

Pastor Paul

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