May 23, 2021

The Shepherd's Corner

On Friday, at 8:35 pm Jesus Our Lord came and took our dear sister, Tante Lydia, home.  Due to deteriorating condition last Monday, she was admitted to hospital.  However, her body continued to weaken, and her responses to be fewer.  In the end, with her eyes closed, she slipped to the room next door—heaven—where she joined many of her loved ones who had preceded her.  There is now a great reunion in heaven hosted by Jesus Our Lord. So long, Tante.

One of Tante Lydia’s favorite songs is, “Harta di sana/ Harta dunia tak dapat berikan padaku/ Waktu sampai di surga/ Pintu terbuka/ Saya ada harta di sana.  (Treasures over there.  Treasures that the world cannot give me.  When I get to heaven, the door will swing open.  I have treasures in heaven.)  The song has now become a reality; heaven’s door is open, and she is now inside.  Treasure of love she accumulated in heaven is in store for her.  Be happy, Tante.

Tante Lydia did not only sing it; she also lived it.  While on earth she worked hard, not to stash money for her personal pleasure but to support her family and share with those in need.  She only stashed love and kindness; in other words, she collected treasures, “where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal,” as Jesus Our Lord said.  Even though she worked with precious stones, she knew what was truly precious—God’s love!

Every time we said goodbye after our visit, she always said, “Drive be careful.  Kalau sudah sampe, telepon ya.  (Once you reach home, give me a call.)”  So, every time we got home, we called to let her know that we had arrived home safely.  And her reply was, “Thanks God.”  On Friday she left; even though she has not called, we know she had arrived HOME safely.  So, from earth we say, “Thank God!”

Pastor Paul

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