March 20, 2016

The Shepherd's Corner

Easter Time - Jesus

I know Jesus loved the Father. I know He was perfectly obedient. I know it was his desire to do the will of His Father no matter what, but I don't think it was always easy. When he was praying in the garden, soon before his arrest, it says that his soul was distressed. That he was so intense in his prayers his sweat was like blood. He asked God the Father to "take this cup" from him, but also said, "not my will, but your will be done." It wasn't easy - love seldom is.
Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’” John 20
Go and tell them! Go and tell them I'm alive! Go and tell them to come and see me! I can't help but think of how exciting it would be for Jesus to come back and to have the greatest news he could tell anyone - He's alive! I can't imagine how exciting it would be to meet his closest followers again. The times that I surprise Stevie and Mia at school they are so excited. They run to see me, but I think I'm even more excited. I can't wait to see them as I walk in. I think Jesus probably felt the same thing - he knew what was about to happen. They were about to experience His love again and to know what true love is. True love does not abandon you even when you abandon it.
Jesus perfectly followed the Father. He perfectly loved people. He went through everything we deserved. He showed us that True Love doesn't abandon you and gives you a whole new reason to live. May He be our reason for to live! May He be our reminder that God never abandons us, because God is Love and He is ALIVE! Happy Easter.

God bless,
Pastor Steve

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