March 12, 2023

The Shepherd's Corner

Our daughters are really enjoying their motherhood.  They pour not only their time but also their hearts out to their children.  I tell them that they now know what love is.  The true and the highest form of love is one that is given to those unable to repay or do anything to earn that love.  We have loved our children since the day they were born, when they could not do or say anything, except crying and sleeping.  They are precious simply for being our children, period!

We tend to base our worth on our accomplishment—what we have done or produced.  In other words what gives us a sense of worth is none other than activities.  If they are good and meaningful, we also feel good and think that our lives are worth something. But in the eyes of God, we are good and worth something not because we have done something good and meaningful but rather because we are His children.  To God, our worth does not lie in activities but in being His children.  He has loved us since Day 1, when we could not even do or produce anything.  God so loved the world; it is not “God so loved the smart, the talented, the pretty, and the handsome.”  

The other day Santy and I visited our daughter and grandchildren.  The moment we walked in, one of our grandsons shouted, “Kung-Kung and Pho-Pho, you are my best Kung-Kung and Pho-Pho!”  I was elated beyond words and so thankful that my in-laws weren’t there.  What did we do to deserve such a high compliment?  Nothing much.  We just came bringing him his favorite noodle (yes, like me, he loves noodle).  That is love.  Not a response or a payback for something received, but for being, in this case, just for being his grandparents.

God loved us when we were babies—without hair, without teeth. And God still loves us when we are old—also without hair, without teeth.  We’re precious long before we could even spell “precious.”

Pastor Paul

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