June 21, 2020

The Shepherd's Corner


The other day I got a text message from Melissa, a neighbor who lives across from our church. She told me that her mom’s latest medical report shows that there has been development to her brain tumor—the doctor found lesions. She asked prayer for her mom, but she also asked prayer for her. She, too, has cancer. But there is more: She also asked prayer for her father, who is now depressed because of the illnesses she and her mom are suffering from.

A couple of days ago I met her father, David, and spent some time talking to him. He reiterated what his daughter had shared with me and how all that has made him so depressed. On top of it all, he also shared the financial hardship he is now facing due to the pandemics. At the end of the conversation we prayed together.

In Luke 18:1 we can read the introduction that Dr. Luke gives to the parable that Jesus is about to tell His disciples, “And Jesus told His disciples a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.” Our Lord Jesus reminds us not to lose heart when we pray to Our Heavenly Father because Our Father who is in heaven hears the prayers of His children who are on earth. And not only does He hear, He will also do something about it. Yes, He will.

You see, on the day I talked to our neighbor, that same morning I just received an offering from someone at church. This blessed man told me to give half of his offering to the church and half to whoever is in need. Did this blessed man know about struggles that David and his family are going through? No, he did not. But God knew, and so He moved this blessed man to give to those in need. While David was talking with me, I thought about the offering. You see, God hears prayers, so do not lose heart. Pray and pray.

Pastor Paul

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