February 19, 2023

The Shepherd's Corner

The other day our four-year-old grandson asked his mother how to write, “I love Kung-Kung and Pho-Pho very much.” With his mom’s help, he wrote it on a piece of paper, then, proudly showed his love letter to us. We were overjoyed is an understatement. I guess it is true that love is best served spontaneously and unexpectedly.

God loves us continuously and often He shows it spontaneously and unexpectedly. Out of the blue through little and big things His love appears unannounced. And when it does, we cannot help but know that it is from Him—specifically to and for us. He does this to make sure that we know without a doubt that He truly cares for us and that He knows what is going on with us. Nothing escapes his eyes.

To appreciate God’s love, we must know how great He is. To know how great God is, we must look no farther than this vast universe. You see, earth is a part of a huge galaxy called the Milky Way, which contains 100 billion stars. For your information to this day scientists still cannot tell us how many galaxies there are in this universe but based on the current telescope they use, they estimate there are over two trillion galaxies. And if we want to know how big a galaxy is, well, try to picture this: The distance between earth and the closest star in our galaxy, namely Proxima Centauri, is 25.3 trillion miles or 4.3 light years. If there were a rocket that could take us to travel from that star to earth with the speed of 365,000 mph, it would take us 7,912 years to get to earth from Proxima Centauri.

Rightly the Bible calls us dust, “For He knows we are but dust and that our days are few and brief, like grass, like flowers, blown by the wind and gone forever” (Psalm 103:14-16). The earth is like a grain of sand in the Pacific Ocean and inside that tiny grain we live. But God finds us, and He never stops sending us His love letters

Pastor Paul

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