July 28, 2019

The Shepherd's Corner


Deacons’ election is important, but it is not to be a big deal. And, that’s what I have seen over and over in our church. Every three years we select a new deacons’ board and I see you participate in the process seriously and prayerfully. You do not take it lightly because you know this is a serious matter. However, I have also observed, you don’t make this a big deal. You participate and you leave the result to God; simply put, you trust God for the result.

By the grace of God, we have just completed our deacons’ election. From the current board Enge and Harry will serve their second terms and they will be joined by Cynthia, Joseph Lim, and Eluz Mantik. I would like to thank you all for casting your votes and for your prayers. As always, I take the result with gratitude and I trust that they are those whom God has appointed to serve as deacons.

Deacons are servants; that’s the literal meaning of the word. They are servants of Jesus and they serve Jesus by serving the church. Not long after Jesus ascended to heaven, the disciples of Jesus elected the first deacons’ board to help them serve the church. So, deacons have been around for 2000 years—since the founding of the first church. Simply put, deacons have always been a part of the church and have played an important role in ministry.

Noteworthy is the fact that the first Christian killed was not one of the disciples, but rather Stephen, a deacon. And, the first Christian evangelist who set foot in Samaria to preach the Gospel was Philip, also a deacon. John Bunyan, the author of The Pilgrim’s Progress, one of the most influential Christian books, was also a deacon. And the list goes on, but the point is clear: Deacons are effective tools in the hands of Jesus; so, let’s support them and pray for them.

Pastor Paul

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