July 17, 2016

The Shepherd's Corner


April 20, 1999 is the day that Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott will never forget. It was on that day two senior students at Columbine High School, Colorado, killed 12 students and one teacher, for reasons that we still do not know for sure. One of the students killed was Rachel Scott, their daughter.

Just a few days ago someone opened fire and plowed his truck into the crowd at Nice, France, killing dozens of people. Tragedy after tragedy strikes innocent people at different locations and by different methods but the outcome is the same: the loss of life and the ensuing pain that follows for years to come.

As Christian, Beth and Darrell were forced to face the most difficult question: Would they forgive the men who had so unjustly wronged them and taken their loved one away from them? Here’s is their answer, “Our understanding of God’s heart left us only one choice, the decision to forgive . . . . God wants us to overcome evil with good. Such a thing is beyond human ability, but it is possible when we acknowledge our weakness and submit to God’s grace.”

The other day I visited my friend, Peter Tan, in the convalescent hospital. As usual his face lit up with smile as we talked, a stark contrast with the rest of the residents I met—no smile, no joy. How does he beam joy in a place where no one smiles? I should perhaps tell you who don’t know him that Peter, age 58, is a quadriplegic, as a result of a gun-shot wound inflicted on him during a car robbery.

Peter explained that he is as he is because when he looks back on his life, he can see traces of God’s working. Yes, being able to see “traces of God’s working” is enough to make us walk and smile.

Pastor Paul

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