February 28, 2021

The Shepherd's Corner


Last week I was at Rose Hills, this week I was back there again to attend our brother Darma’s funeral service.  Knowing him and hearing about him from those who knew him closely, I can sum up his life in one word, “full.”  Darma had lived life to its fullest.  When he was “full,” he lived life to its fullest; but then when he was half-full, he still lived life to its fullest.  He lived life to its fullest because he chose to see himself as half-full, never half-empty.

Once again, we are reminded that life is about perspective—how and from what angle we see it.  Harold Russel, actor and author who won two Academy Awards after losing his hands in an accident during his military service, says this, “It is not what you have lost, but what you have left that counts.”  You see, we are all losing.  We are losing our time left on earth, we are losing our physical strength.  We are losing our vision and hearing.  We are losing our teeth and yes, we are losing our memories.  And slowly but surely, we are losing our health.  But think not what we have lost; think of what we have left and move on while looking at life from that vantage point.

I still remember a year ago when we performed at the Chinese New Year’s celebration, Darma sang all the songs he was assigned to.  He did not miss even one.  And he sang with his full voice.  Even though after we were finished, we saw how tired he was.  Yes, he was tired but happy because he had lived each moment to its fullest. 

In about a month we will remember the passion and the death of Jesus.  You see, Jesus had always known that His death would come but He lived life to its fullest.  He chose to finish the work that His Heavenly Father had assigned Him to.  Like singing, He sang all the songs He was assigned to.  He did not miss even one.

Pastor Paul

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