February 21, 2021

The Shepherd's Corner


Last Thursday Tante Yuni’s ashes were scattered on a serene and beautiful lawn at Rose Hills and yesterday, I met with her son and family at the site to hold a simple funeral service.  There was no musical instrument just human voices and a brief message from the Bible along with prayer of thanksgiving for God’s grace in her life.  Her ashes are here but we all know her spirit is already with Jesus.

Years ago, Jim Cymbala, pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York was invited to speak at the Cove, a retreat center operated by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  Afterwards, Will Graham, one of Billy Graham’s grandchildren, invited Pastor Cymbala to visit Billy Graham at home.  During the visit, Will told his grandpa about the message shared by Pastor Cymbala—that Christian’s primary calling is to be with Jesus.  As Will was speaking, Billy Graham raised his hand to stop him.  He, then, said this, “That’s for me.  That message is just for me.  That is what I really need . . . to be with Him.”

It does not matter how old we are and how long we have become followers of Christ, we need to be with Jesus.  There is no stronger anchor than an intimate relationship with Jesus and there is no greater joy than to be with Him.  It is when we are with Him that we can see life through His eyes, and face life with His strength.  We need to live for Jesus and we certainly need to do something for Him, but nothing is as important as being with Jesus. 

To be with Jesus is neither a selfish ambition nor a waste of our precious time.  And it is only made possible when we set aside our time to come to Him, talk to Him, and hear from Him.  You see, only we who make it a priority to be with Jesus today will look at death as another opportunity to be with Him tomorrow.

Pastor Paul

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