April 22, 2018

The Shepherd's Corner


Think twice

How much do you think about your choices?

I remember my parents saying – I’d think twice before you did__________ (whatever it was). It was there way of telling me that I should think longer about my choice because it wasn’t the right one.

Do you believe that every choice has the potential to bring us closer or farther away from God? More into or out of His plan? Do you believe our choices really hold that much power in impacting how our lives turn out and how deeply we experience God?

I do.

Hopefully we are open to the Holy Spirit so that when we face choices in our daily lives, the Spirit can tell us to think twice about choices that aren’t helpful for us.

If you were to think about choices that haven’t helped you, or even hurt you, did you think twice about them? God desires so much for us to believe that our choices can bring us closer to Him, please Him, and show the world Hid love.

The next time you face challenging situations and temptations – make sure to think twice and truly ask the Holy Spirit which decision is God’s desire for you.

Pastor Steve

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