August 2, 2020

The Shepherd's Corner


In his book, Elijah: A Man of Heroism and Humility, Pastor Charles Swindoll shares an interesting observation.  Here’s what he says, “God did not raise up an army to destroy Ahab and Jezebel . . . . Instead God did the unimaginable –He chose somebody like . . . well, like Elijah.”  He elaborates his point; you see, Elijah was from a tiny place called Tishbeh, in Gilead.  He was a nobody.   He had no pedigree to show and he had neither wealth nor power.  Yet he was the one chosen by the Lord God to face off a giant called King Ahab.

Based on this observation Pastor Charles Swindoll, then, shares this timeless lesson with us, “What spot has God given you?  Whatever it is, God says, ‘You’re standing before Me, and I want to use you.  I want to use you as My unique spokesperson in your day and age, at this moment and time.”  I cannot agree more.  Again and again I see the truth of it’s being played out in every corner of life.  God has placed each of us strategically in various spots so we can be His spokespersons—to communicate something of God to others.

Santy has been God’s spokesperson to me.  A couple of Sundays ago we had an argument over . . . copy machine at church. While we were having dinner, she made a passing comment that the machine was not the same.  I assured her that it was the same, nobody had replaced it.  But she stood her ground, so did I; and we ended up having a heated argument.  I was certain I was right, she’s wrong.

Well, last Sunday after church she told me that after paying more attention she discovered that the two copiers were still the same but somebody had evidently switched their places—the one in the back is now in the front, and the one in the front is now in the back.  It was, then, God reminded me, “Paul, you were wrong.”

Pastor Paul

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