December 13, 2020

The Shepherd's Corner


Many of you did not Lyna in person, but you all had prayed for her when I mentioned her name in our intercessory prayer at church.  As you might remember, Lyna suffered a brain hemorrhage over two years ago.  For quite some time she was in a coma but by the grace of God she woke up.  Slowly she began to respond and gradually developed strength to move her right arm and open her mouth.  Throughout her treatment her mom, who flew from Indonesia soon after the incident, was at her bedside, every day.

Last Monday at 4 am at the last check-up the nurse at the nursing home still found her breathing, but at 5:30 during the next check-up she had stopped breathing. Lyna had suffered cardiac arrest, and she was to suffer three more arrests before the paramedics were able to resuscitate her.  By then it was already too late; she had suffered a major brain damage.  After seeing Lyna’s condition and upon the medical recommendation of the doctor, her mother agreed to have the life support removed.  On Thursday at one in the afternoon the doctor removed the life support and, in an hour, Lyna left her temporal home for good.  In the words of her mother, “God has taken her home.”  He has, indeed, taken His beloved home.

I would like to thank you for stepping up to the plate to help Lyna and her mother in their times of need.  Yes, she was not a member of our church, but she was a member of Jesus’ church, and more importantly, she was our neighbor, and Our Savior has commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves.  That is what you did; you did not know her, but you have loved her. And because you love, “All men will know that you are my disciples,” says Jesus Our Lord.  There is no greater honor than to be called, Christ’s disciples, isn’t there?

Pastor Paul

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