August 6, 2017

The Shepherd's Corner


We have been studying the Gospel of Luke for quite some time. Today we have reached the last chapter and the last verse of the book. Next week we’ll do a conclusive study of the book before we start a new series based on the Book of Acts. As you might have known, the Book of Acts was also written by Dr. Luke, Paul’s ministry companion. If through the Gospel of Luke, we know the person and the ministry of Jesus Our Savior, through the Book of Acts we’ll know the person and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

In his chapter about writing a memoir in his book, On Writing Well, William Zinsser, an author and a professor of writing, explains, unlike autobiography which spans an entire life, memoir only focuses on specific segments of our life. In other words, memoir is not “the summary of a life; it’s a window into a life, very much like a photograph in its selective composition.” There is of course a place and time for either biography or autobiography, but to get deeper into one’s life, memoir serves the purpose far more effectively.

God looks at our entire life; He can’t help it because He is God—almighty and all-knowing. But, in constructing us into a new person to be like Jesus, God focuses only on certain segments of our life, just like writing a memoir. God does not take picture of us every day and for every occasion. He only takes picture of us in areas that need transforming. From time to time He will, then, show us those pictures to serve as a reminder. If we humbly admit it, He’ll then lend a hand to help. If we choose to ignore it, He’ll pull His hands.

I pray through the Gospel of Luke, God has shown us pictures of areas of our life that need transforming. I pray through the Gospel of Luke we have begun to write our spiritual “memoir.”

Pastor Paul

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