August 30, 2020

The Shepherd's Corner


I am pleased to tell you that our sister Tante Agnes has been discharged from the hospital last Tuesday and is now resting in the home of and under the care of her beloved nephew Edmund in Santa Monica.  She is still weak, and as a result of the fall when she passed out last week, she also fractured her rib. It will be quite some time before she can move around like she used to.

I am impressed by Edmund.  Tante Agnes is not his mother but he treats her like his own mother.  Whenever she needs anything, he will come around all the way from Santa Monica.  Tante Agnes is so grateful to him; no wonder she often mutters, “Thankfully there is Edmund!”  Yes, thankfully there is Edmund but more importantly, we thank God for the way He cares for all His children.  Without a husband and children, Tante Agnes is all by herself but no, the truth is she is never alone.  God is with her, and He has placed Edmund and all of you to watch over her.  Thank God and thank you!

Psalm 139:16 assures us, “All the days ordained for me were written in Your Book, before one of them came to be.”  O how marvelous our God is and how secure we are in His utmost and perfect care!  Every day and all the days of our life are ordained and written in His Book—the Book of Life.  We really have no reason to worry.  

The other day while I was watering the plants at the church, a man saw me from across the street.  The moment our eyes met, he then began pushing his bike toward me.  When he stood before me, I could see him more clearly—he looked emaciated and homeless. He politely asked, “Please, I mean no disrespect, but can you help me?”  All along God had known that this man was hungry; that’s why He led him to where I was.  It was  an encounter that’s already written.

Pastor Paul

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