April 8, 2018

The Shepherd's Corner

Now what?

Have you ever asked yourself or friends – now what? What do you want to do now? Where should we go?

Isn’t life full of choices….and freedom too?

God has given us so much freedom about how to live our lives, how to react to situations, and how to align our lives for the future.

Have you ever thought about how it would feel to be a follower of Jesus, be following Him for years, hearing His teaching, seeing Him do miracles, anticipating that He is the promised One to come, to see Him crucified, dead, buried, but then raised to life again! Only to leave and to tell you now it’s your turn?

I wonder if the community of Christ found themselves asking – now what?

All they did was what they were told to do and saw Jesus do – they waited obediently for the Holy Spirit, learned to live in community as a new type of community, and tried to show the world how we can be restored into a relationship with God.

What are our lives about? Asking “no what?” so we can decide where to go to dinner, vacation, the next movie (which are fine to do), but are we also asking God what’s next in our lives following Him? If we’re still here on this earth He must still have a plan for our lives. What if we began every day asking God, “Now what?”, listened for His voice and responded obediently to what He told us to do.

Pastor Steve

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