April 7, 2019

The Shepherd's Corner


God always speaks to us in a language we can understand. Years back Santy and I knew an older lady in Malang who remained active even in her nineties. I remember, when she was well into her eighties, she still travelled by means of public transportation. In the end her eye-sights gave up on her, rendering her home-bound till God called her home. I always admired her cheerful spirits.

The other day when we met her son in-law, he told us what his mother in-law used to say about her remaining days on earth. You see, toward the latter part of her life, she grew restless because not only could she not go anywhere, she also could not do something she loved the most: reading. Nonetheless she remained patient, waiting for her time to go. She told her son in-law that her home in heaven was not done yet; once it is, God would call her home.

This lady did not enjoy higher education, but she understood God and His Word well. God communicated His truth to her in a way she could understand it. God also communicates His truth and His will to us in a way we can understand; He does not make it complicated. When it is something for us to know, He’ll make sure we’ll know it. When it is something for us not to know, He’ll keep it hidden from us. He knows what we can bear and what we can’t bear.

There are many things we want to have the answers for, but sometimes there are just no answers. Yes, there are times He locks the door and does not let us in. He keeps us out because He knows it’s better for us not to be inside. He’ll be inside; He’ll work things out. He just asks us to trust Him—that He means well. Corrie ten Boom sums it well, “Some knowledge is too heavy, you cannot bear it. You Father will carry it until you are able.”

Pastor Paul

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