April 3, 2016

The Shepherd's Corner

Last Friday I ate a lot of noodle.  As a matter of fact I had noodle for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And as a bonus I had noodle again for breakfast and lunch yesterday.  Thank you for making me feel so special.  Thank you for making this old “screw” happy.
I consider myself as a screw in the house of God.  There are perhaps hundreds of screw in a house.  We can’t see them because once they are in, they are then covered by dry wall and paint.  But we all know how crucial the role these screws play in attaching beams together.  Without them, there will be no building.

We are actually screws in the house of God.  God nails us in different places to serve a specific function.  But, whatever these functions are, there is one function that we all share: to connect one with another and more importantly, with Jesus.  You see, because of you someone comes to church and know Jesus.  Because of you, someone joins the choir or a singing group.  Because of you someone feels needed and belongs to the church.

Betsie, Corrie ten Boom’s sister, was a screw that connected Corrie with the other inmates and more importantly, with Jesus, during their imprisonment.  But, one day Betsie died.  She, who used to sleep next to her, was no longer there.  It was then Corrie saw a newly arrived Russian prisoner looking for a place to sleep.

Corrie motioned her hand to her and she accepted the offer.  Sharing the same pillow, Corrie then asked her, “Jezus Christus?”  “Oh!” she exclaimed.  She then made the sign of the cross and threw her arms around Corrie.  The new prisoner was now connected to her surrounding thanks to Corrie, a screw for Jesus.

Pastor Paul

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