April 15, 2018

The Shepherd's Corner


Think once

How much do you think about faith?

Faith is funny – it’s scary, exciting, wonderful, nerve-wracking, and so many things all wrapped into one. We know for sure that it’s something that pleases God and without it, it’s impossible to please God – (Heb. 11)

Sometimes we simply overthink faith. We may sense God telling us to do something and just think too much instead of simply going and doing it. When it comes to faith, I think we just need to think once.

Sometimes when we overthink things we actually miss out on steps of faith God is calling us to do.

I almost missed one of my most memorable moments in Fiji when I was there in college. I was asked to speak to a group of students at an outreach. Over 100 people came. I did end up speaking and many of those who came gave their lives to Jesus. Because I over thought it, and tried to reason my way out of it, I almost lost the chance to be a part of what God did that day.

When it comes to the next time you have a chance to take a step of faith, don’t over think it – remember – just think once…choose to step out in faith, and see what God has waiting for you on the other side.

Pastor Steve

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