November 1, 2020

The Shepherd's Corner


Yesterday I saw a beautiful sighting: a squirrel’s calmly munching and enjoying its food right in the middle of our church’s courtyard. It was a pleasant surprise because I had seen squirrels at the trees, but I had never seen one at our courtyard.  That rare sight reminded me of this one simple truth: God provides.  That squirrel had never planted a tree or raised a farm, but it found something to eat at our church’s courtyard.  Our Heavenly Father knows what we need.

As I usually do in these last few years, starting this week I have begun to listen to Christmas songs.  I know it is early, but I prefer listening to these carols long before the commercial spirit begins to descend on us, which usually happens around December.  I have found myself better able to listen to the lyrics and absorb the melodies when I am not inundated by these tunes 24 hours a day. Sadly, it is before Christmas that I can have a silent night, holy night.

The squirrel and listening to Christmas songs before Christmas bring me to this profound truth written by Paul E. Freed, the founder of Transworld Radio, “The key to the Christian life is not necessarily the spectacular appearance of God in the burning bush, but His abiding presence in the disappointments, the struggles and joys of the home, the office, the shop, the foundry, the sporting arena.” 

The squirrel gently reminds me that God provides for me and these Christmas songs (before Christmas) solemnly remind me that He loves me—so much that He’s willing to come to the world for me. And together both remind me of God’s abiding presence.  He is present in the quiet days and the silent nights of our lives.  Through the mundane and seemingly trivial occurrences Christ Our Lord whispers, “Look, I am here.”  Yes, I see you, Lord, I see You.

09Pastor Paul

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