May 4, 2019

The Shepherd's Corner

We need money and we like money, but we don’t like to talk about money.  So, what we usually do is we keep this money matter to ourselves; money becomes something which is very personal.  It is no wonder, we can tell much about people—who they really are—from the way they deal with money.  How honest and generous we are with money reflects who we are as persons in general.

Billy Graham once said, “If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost any other area of his life.”  Billy Graham’s life and ministry became the living proof of this. His younger brother, Melvin said this about him, “I’ve never seen a man in my life that cares as little about money as Billy Frank does.”  You see, Billy Graham gave away millions of dollars of royalties and he turned down multiple offers to enrich himself.  In regard to money, he cared little, but gave much.  This is to be our attitude as well.

It is easy for us to care little about money if we have no money at all or we have too much money.  If we have no money, we will have no worry because there is nothing to worry about.  If we have much money, we won’t worry because there are other more “important” things—to worry about.  It is hard for us to care little about money if we only have enough, though.  I believe most of all fall into this category.  We, who are in this category, have much to worry about.

I don’t want to treat money matter lightly; I am aware of the fact that money problem can turn into a serious problem.  I just want to share with you what I and many others have learned: Arithmetic doesn’t work, and the numbers don’t add up, when it comes to trusting God.  We shouldn’t have enough, somehow, we do.  God provides for our needs; and this is what defies arithmetic. Pastor Paul

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