May 28, 2023

The Shepherd's Corner

Honor walk. On Thursday I witnessed something that almost moved me to tears; it’s called an honor walk. It was the last “walk” that Dr. Dandy Lee took before he went to Glory.  I am sure many of you still remember Oom Ping Tiauw and Tante Ansy—both are home with the Lord.  Dandy was their son, a doctor at one of the hospitals in San Diego.  On Tuesday while working he suffered a massive stroke, leaving him with no brain activities.  Before releasing him, the family decided to donate his organs to those in need.  An honor walk is the “walk” that the donor takes to the operating room, a walk where hospital staff stand in line in the hallways to pay honor to the donor.

In her prayer, Hannely, his wife, spoke about Dandy as a humble man, who always thought about others and lived a life of service, whose “actions were louder than words.”  I agree, because I saw how much Dandy and his wife along with his two sisters, Julie and Anita, cared for Tante Yuni, even long after she no longer worked as their mother’s caregiver.  From San Diego they came and visited her when she was in the hospital and later in the nursing home. To me, his last honor walk was simply the culmination of his many honor walks that he took while he’s still alive.  He said little but did much.

Dandy’s sudden departure serves as a sober reminder, not only of how brief life can be, but also, how important it is to take honor walks while we can. God provides us with many opportunities to take honor walks—to give and to serve—so, take them, knowing that each walk will bring honor to God and blessings to others.

Death, especially sudden death, reminds us of the truth of this Latin phrase, sic transit gloria mundi which means, “Thus passes the glory of the world.” The glory of the world passes, it is never to stay, but the glory of the Lord is here to stay—from now on to eternity.

Pastor Paul

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