May 28, 2017

The Shepherd's Corner


In his book, The Beautiful Fight, Gary Thomas shares an experience that brought shame and a sense of failure to himself. Once he was introduced to a well-known pastor who had a widespread ministry. The meeting was to take place in a golf course. He admitted that he really looked forward to the meeting because he had expectation that this pastor would help open doors of ministry for him.

So, when they finally met, he was really happy that he had the chance to share about books he had written and ministries he had done. Little did he know that at the time of their meeting, this pastor was having an extramarital affair and was involved in other sinful behaviors. He learned of this painful truth months later. The man he thought could help him turned out to be in need of help.

There are a couple of lessons we can learn from this story. First, we should not depend on others to the point that they take the place of God. There is nothing wrong about asking for help. God does want us to help one another and of course to receive help we must at times ask for help. But, it is wrong to wholly depend on others; we must depend on God who can open doors already closed by men.

Secondly, we must come to terms with the simple truth that we all are capable of lying. I don’t know who this pastor was but I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he never really wanted to live a life of deception. I believe that he started life and ministry in honesty and that he also wished to end it in honesty. But then for whatever reason he fell off the wagon; but, instead of admitting it, he hid it . . . until God exposed it in broad daylight. Honesty begins with a simple prayer, “Lord, I have sinned. Will You forgive me?” And, honesty ends with a simple admission, “Friend, I need help.”

Pastor Paul

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