May 26, 2019

The Shepherd's Corner


A few days ago, a colleague of mine at the Bible school where I teach died. Lois Go was an extraordinary woman. Years ago, with only Bible school’s education she spearheaded the founding of a Christian school in Jakarta. Now the school is not only one of the finest schools in Jakarta, it has also grown to dozens and spread all over Indonesia. After she retired, she came to our Bible school, her alma mater, to teach. But, never once did I hear her talk about her accomplishment. She never bragged; she just taught.

In late 1990s I wanted to recruit somebody from the counseling center which was a part of the school where she oversaw. I called her and asked for her permission to recruit this fine man. She told me, “Go ahead, as long as that’s also his wish.” Lois Go released the director of the counseling center with no reservation. About a year after that, I once again asked for her permission to recruit another psychologist from the same counseling center. And, once again she said, “Go ahead.” The counseling center did not grow smaller; in fact, it has grown exponentially after she released her best staff.

From her life I learned that releasing does not necessarily mean losing; releasing can very well mean gaining. Releasing can be the door for God’s favor to enter and bless us even more. Lois Go understood that; she never lost sight of God’s perspective. From her I also learned to never look back on past accomplishment but on future opportunities. Let God and our work praise us, not our mouths. Look ahead to what God has in store for us, not behind.

I last saw her in October 2018. When a colleague and I visited her, she was already in homecare. Her body was ravaged by cancer, but her spirit was aflame by God—full of peace, full of glory.

Pastor Paul

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