May 21, 2023

The Shepherd's Corner

Last week we had a great day celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day with a taco stand and a mariachi band.  Santy and I enjoyed every minute of it.  But there is something else that I saw that truly touched my heart.  I saw some of you take our sister Inne to the “dance floor.”  And with smile on her face, she moved her body along the rhythm and to the tune of the songs.  I was blessed.

I was also blessed because even after I messed up the repeat part of the song, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, that the Moningkas sang to Tante Els, their matriarch, Donald and the rest of the clan just told me that it’s OK.  Just like the advice given by country singer, Dolly Parton, “Even if you make mistakes, make that part of the fun.  There’s an art to it.  You just have to not be afraid of the crowd or afraid of the camera.”  Simply put, just focus on the music, and enjoy it, be in the moment, and not worry about anything else. 

What I saw last week was not an exception to the rule.  That’s what you do and that’s who you are. You’re merciful, forgiving, and ready to serve.  When I saw Bram and Natalie take Andri to Sunday service and Richard, to our Bible Study fellowship, I also saw spirit of mercy and love. You show care not to the greatest but to the least, not to the strongest but to the weakest brothers and sisters of Jesus.

These wonderful characteristics of love and forgiveness, service and mercy did not sprout overnight.  Thanks to Pastor John Lim, they have been passed down over the years and made an integral part of the church’s DNA since our church’s conception. This month marks the 12-year anniversary of his glorious departure to his heavenly home, and we want to remember the seed he planted with love.  As Paul says, “Always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”  It’s not in vain, Oom.     

Pastor Paul

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