May 16, 2021

The Shepherd's Corner

A few years ago, I met someone who knew a lot about health and healthy food.  When he learned that I had issues with my prostate, he gave me a good advice of food to avoid.  I appreciated his input and concern for my health.  Within a year or so after our meeting, this good man died . . . from cancer.  Evidently, while he was helping others, he had already had this disease; he just did not know it.

I also remember what Pastor Stephen Tong shared once about his ministry colleagues, who cared very much about their health and hygiene.  Yet they all died relatively young while he, who had been diagnosed with a serious liver problem and was far more casual with food intake and hygiene, continued to lead a relatively healthy life. 

These two real life examples serve as a sobering reminder that life is in the hands of God and all our efforts to keep ourselves healthy are not without limit.  It does not mean that we may live recklessly, though; we should honor God by taking care of our health.

Several days ago, CDC has relaxed its guideline about mask-wearing.  I am sure many are relieved knowing that it is now so much safer that we need not wear masks as strictly as before.  But I also know some still have trepidation about it.  Whatever our choice is, what is important is to keep this simple truth in mind: Ultimately it is God who is in control.  We must responsibly protect our life yet at the same time, we should in faith surrender it to the hands of the Lord.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated as president in March 1933, during the worst economic depression.  But what he said to the nation in his first address gave hope like no other, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Fear should not rule us, God does.

Pastor Paul

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