March 31, 2019

The Shepherd's Corner


Santy and I would like to thank you all, not only for making it possible for us to go to Malang, but also for praying for us. Thank you for your continued support; we truly appreciate it. Because of your support, Santy was able to connect with her women’s group and had fellowships with them. Because of your support, I was able to teach and to counsel. So, once again, thank you.

This trip has once again confirmed something I had always known: that I am growing old! And, the evidence for it was I literally left my backpack at the airport. Yes, I did! At the Juanda Airport, Surabaya, right before I entered the aircraft’s door, I suddenly remembered that I did not have my backpack on my back, or anywhere else. I frantically asked the airline crew to take me back to the waiting area because in that backpack I had my important documents. I was worried and could only pray. When we got to the lounge, we found it just at where I left it. We thanked God for sending His angel to watch over us even though we had to miss the flight.

When we walked down to exit the airport, a security officer asked me what happened. After I told him that we had just missed our flight, he immediately offered help to find us the next flight. He found us one which would cost us three million rupiah. When I checked my wallet, I only had 2.9 million rupiah, but the man just said, “That’s OK.” He, then, ran off and got the tickets for us. For the difference we gave him a few extra dollars, which he gladly accepted. Again, God sent His angel to watch over us.

Yes, we missed our flight and yes, we spent extra money, but through it all we were reminded that God had always had our backs. We can’t escape life’s problems but He’s watching over us.

Pastor Paul

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