June 9, 2019

The Shepherd's Corner


For over two months I drove with an expired driver’s license—and I didn’t even know it!  When we moved to our current residence over two years ago, I immediately notified my change of address to DMV, hoping that I would receive my new license in the mail.  But I didn’t; and I forgot all about it till a few days ago when I suddenly realized that my driver’s license had expired on my birthday this year—yes, this year!  So, I went to DMV and had it renewed.  Thank God I was never stopped for any traffic violation these past two months.  For your information that was the first time I drove with an expired driver’s license.  I certainly hope it was to be the last one.

As I grow older, I have begun to experience more and more episodes of “the first time.”  The first time I see a doctor more than once a year; the first time I became a grandfather; the first time I forgot the melody of the song I was to play the piano for.  But I know these first-time episodes won’t last forever; there’ll come a new episode, called the last time.  Yes, there’ll come a time in which we’ll see our dentist for the last time; we’ll go to church for the last time; we’ll drive our car for the last time; and we’ll shower for the last time.  The first time will be followed by the last time and the last time will open the door to the eternal time.  Hallelujah!

Speaking of time, I must tell you that it’s that time of the three years again to elect the new board of deacons.  Out of five, four—Augustine Wong, Enge Mulyapatera, Harry Pratama, and Bram Tambayong—will still be eligible to be re-elected. Only one, our brother Peter Chua, won’t be available because he has served two terms consecutively.  (Thank you Oom Peter for your well-done service!)  We’ll do this in July so I’d like to ask you to start praying, will you?  May God’s will be done and may His people serve. 

Pastor Paul

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