January 28, 2024

The Shepherd's Corner

On Monday, Our Blessed Lord came and took Remy home.  Remy was the grandson of Kak Indra, and the great nephew of Cynthia.  He was 24.  And it was his birthday.  We do not know the cause for his death pending further examination; what we know is that he slipped into eternity while he was asleep.  No wonder he looked so peaceful, as if he was still asleep.  We are grieving with the family.

The day before Remy still went to church near his home where he’d attended for quite some time.  And that day Cynthia and the family were going to have dinner to celebrate his birthday, which he so looked forward to.  But God had a different plan; the birthday party was moved to His Eternal Home where those in attendance were all the saints and the angels of the Lord.  It was Remy’s best birthday!

One of the questions we often ask when faced with a sudden death, especially the death of one who is relatively young, is “Why now?”  We do not know the answer and we’ll only know it after we get to Heaven and meet our Heavenly Father.  But this we know: It is in the plan of God.  You see, one of the paramedics that administered aid to him was from the church that Remy attended.  So, he knew Remy.  And one of the nurses at the hospital’s ER was also from the same church.  She, too, knew Remy.  You see, God put them there to be with Remy on his last day on earth.  Long before Monday, God had already known and made preparation for Remy’s homegoing.

Losing a child—and burying him at such a young age—is very hard.  Knowing that this is in the plan of God gives us comfort.  On Sunday, Remy sang praises at the house of God on earth; on Monday he sang praises at the house of God in Heaven.  On Sunday with his eyes closed, Remy prayed to God; on Monday with his eyes opened, he spoke to God.  In God’s good plan, all is for the better.  Always.

Pastor Paul

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