January 12, 2020

The Shepherd's Corner


During a Bible Study with some of you this past week, somebody asked a question, which I had no answer for, “Why do some good people have to endure misfortune so badly and so frequently?” I know God is good and He loves us so much that He gave His Only Son Jesus to die for us. But I don’t have the answer to that question because I don’t always know God’s specific plan for allowing pain and suffering to come to us—so badly and so frequently.

Recently I stumbled upon a duet, a wife and husband, Joey and Rory, country Gospel singers. I just love hearing and watching them sing and sharing their testimonies. They’re so full of love and joy, not only to each other but also to Jesus Our Lord. Three years ago, the wife, Joey died from cancer at the age of 40. But that’s not the end of Rory’s pain. Recently his oldest daughter opened up to him that she was in love with another girl and planned to marry her and his other daughter declared herself an atheist. There is one more: his youngest daughter was born with Down Syndrome.

Hearing that I couldn’t help but feel sad for him. I understand how he feels, and I appreciate his attitude in facing this perfect storm: He looks up to God in faith and he looks at all his children in love. He didn’t break down and succumb to bitterness. He chose to love and to trust, no matter what. During one of the interviews he gave, he shared about his past—that he was a mess—and that he changed because of God’s grace and salvation through Jesus. He loves and trusts because he remembers that he, too, is a sinner.

I still don’t have the answer to that question but this I can say: Through what this couple has gone through, I—and perhaps thousands—have been encouraged and blessed with love and faith.

Pastor Paul

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