December 11, 2022

The Shepherd's Corner

The other day when I wanted to pick up my clothes at a drycleaner, I saw a homeless man sitting in front of the store.  So, I pulled a few dollars out of my wallet and handed the money to him.  But to my surprise, the man did not take the money; instead, he asked, “Do you need this money more than I?  If you do, please keep it.”  So, I answered, “No, I think you need it more than I.”  Hearing that, he, then, said thank you and took the money.  A noble man, indeed!

When we are in need, we only think of ourselves.  This man did the opposite; even in times of need, he thought of others.  His response blew me away because I didn’t expect that coming from a homeless man (Shame on me!).  I found a pearl among the stones.  That’s how Fulton Sheen in his book Life of Christ describes the birth of Jesus, “In the filthiest place in the world, a stable, Purity was born.”  And he adds, “Divinity is always where one least expects to find it.”

No one expected the Messiah Son of God to be born in a tiny place called Bethlehem in a shelter where animals ate and rest.  And no one expected the Messiah Son of God to be entrusted to a young virgin namely Mary and her carpenter husband, Joseph.  God’s way and God’s choice are often different from our way and our choice.  The road least likely travelled becomes His way and the person least likely esteemed, His choice.  His way, His choice, leads to His glory.

As we look toward Christmas, let’s think about God’s way and God’s choice that surrounded the birth of Jesus.  Mysterious, unexpected, pure and simple.  That’s how God does His work and carries out His plan.  In the words of William Cowper, the 18th century British poet, “God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform.  He plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storm.”  So, always trust Him that He can and will help—His way, His choice and for His glory.

Pastor Paul

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