August 27, 2023

The Shepherd's Corner

We thank God for getting us through tropical storm Hillary; it could have been worse. Most of us only got strong wind and heavy rain, no reported property damage. We can now empathize with our brothers and sisters who live in the South and the Northeast. They do not get tropical storms; they get HURRICANES. Not once in every 84 years like we here, but several times a year. May God help them!

The other day Santy and I watched a YouTube channel about birds—lovely birds. And in it we saw how they built their nests—one leave at a time and one twig at a time. Yes, these birds pick up a leave or a dry twig, place it on a branch, and back and forth they go, till the nest is done. I couldn’t help but be amazed
not by their cleverness or creativity but by their Creator’s cleverness and creativity.

To me it is mind-boggling that some people still deny the existence of God and had rather develop a theory that these creatures came about by an evolutionary process. The concept and the working of AI or artificial intelligence, to me, defies their logic. AI is created; it does not self-exist, let alone come about by a process of evolution. AI is a product of algorithms designed by data scientists. It is a product created by real intelligence—humans. It then follows, if artificial intelligence must be created by real intelligence to exist, real intelligence then must also be created to exist. But it must be created by something greater that real intelligence—God.

Lately this thought has crossed my mind more frequently than usual that God, the creator of billions of galaxies, knows me and loves me. Not only does He see me, not only does He know me, but He also cares for me. He acts on my behalf and gives on the impulse of His love to me. He does not respond to everything I ask right away but He will always do something about it, in so many ways.

Pastor Paul

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