April 7, 2024

The Shepherd's Corner

Thank you for your love for my family and me which you showed me on my birthday.  I appreciate every bit of it. Now I can proudly say that I have officially joined the Medicare Club of FIBC.  We are one!

On a different and sad note I must inform you that Tante Margaret, Roni’s mom was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday for urinary tract infection.  When Bengky and I saw her, we felt sad because she could barely talk.  She tried to but it was inaudible.  Please pray for her that she will get better and stronger so she can go home.  Such is life, isn’t it?  One person’s happy day is another person's sad day.

We do not know what awaits us, but this is what matters: We are not alone.  To celebrate my birthday, our children and their families came.  I was not alone.  When we visited Tante Margaret, Laureen, her daughter, and Cynthia, her daughter in-law were there with her.  She was not alone.  Days may be bright, days may be dark, but if we are not alone, the bright days will be brighter and the dark days will not be as gloomy.  So, while we are healthy, cultivate relationships, not only with each other but also with God Our Maker and Father.

A friend in ministry told me a sad story about his son’s birthday.  His son decorated the hall by himself and sent the invitations himself.  On the day of his birthday, he waited, but nobody showed up.  My friend told me how devastated his son was; there was no one to celebrate his birthday with; he was all alone.  Be it a birthday or a sick day, if we’re alone, neither will be bearable; both are painful.

Psalm 37:25 reminds us, “I have been young, and now I am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken.”  Please note that the Bible does not say, “the rich, the famous” forsaken; it is the righteous.  We who live righteously will not be alone; God with us, others too.

Pastor Paul

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