April 23, 2017

The Shepherd's Corner


Periodically we go see the doctor; some for medical problem, some for medical check-up. For spiritual problem and spiritual check-up, we come to God. And, that was what Pastor Charles L. Allen did. From church to home, there were four traffic lights which required him to stop for a long time. At the end of the day, at each stop, he used it to pray and do spiritual check-up. Here was the list:

• What am I most grateful for today?
• What have I done that I am most ashamed of today?
• What is the will of God for me today?
• Whom should I pray for today?

I like the fact that first on his list is what he was most grateful for. I think he really put matter into perspective. I must admit how easily it is for me to be sidetracked by the undesired or the unpleasant that I miss what God has done for me. Consequently and sadly I miss the opportunity to be thankful to Him.

As I mentioned in today’s message, Carol Burnett, one of my favorite comedians, came from a difficult background. Both her parents were alcoholic and couldn’t care for her, so it was her grandmother who raised her. But, she has been a positive force in the world; she does not let her past dictate her present. Please listen to her piece of advice, “Life is about being positive. Being positive is a lot healthier than being negative.” Amen to that!

The first step toward being positive is to be thankful to God for what He has given us today. We may not have MUCH, but we certainly have SOME. We may not have much money, but we have some money. We may not have much health, but we have some health. We thank God for the some because some is enough.

Pastor Paul

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