April 14, 2019

The Shepherd's Corner


We all want to see miracles—big miracles—so much so that we often miss small miracles. There is of course nothing wrong about expecting big miracles because big miracles mean big helps for big problems. However, God does not want us to miss small miracles because small miracles are not only signs of His great power, they’re also signs of His great love. Small miracles are signs that He greatly cares for us that we’re never too small for Him, so much so that He pays attention even to the smallest details of our lives.

Last week we had a couple’s mini-retreat up in Canyon Park Cabin, a small cabin nestled in the beautiful San Gabriel Mountain. When I was about ready to leave the church, I started the car and you know what, it didn’t start. The battery died on me and I had to call road assistance to come and replace the battery. Yes, the retreat could not start on time, but I counted it a blessing—a small miracle—that the battery died right at the church, not in the mountain.

Paying attention to small miracles will not only cultivate thankful spirits to God and His goodness, it will also foster a positive attitude. Instead of grumbling over petty irritations of bad things, we rejoice over petty irrigations of good things that flow into our lives. Palm Sunday shows just that. Jesus knew that in five days some of the people who welcomed Him as king into Jerusalem would escort Him out of Jerusalem to Calvary. But He didn’t complain; instead, He rejoiced. He rode on a donkey and I am sure, He smiled at those who waived palm branches. He’s secure in His Father’s hands.

We thank God for Palm Sunday, we thank God for Good Friday, and we thank God for Resurrection Sunday. All days are days of Lord, prepared for us, made for His glory, and filled with His miracles.

Pastor Paul

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