June 24, 2018

The Shepherd's Corner


We don’t like interruption. We don’t like it when people interrupt us when we are talking or in the middle of doing something, except of course, if it is a good interruption. In his book, Do What Jesus Did, Pastor Robby Dawkins shares an experience in which God interrupted his life—and ministry—in a good way.

At the time he was still young and working as a youth pastor. One day he received a phone call from a woman, who asked him to pray for her father, who was up for a third heart surgery. He didn’t know this woman, and she didn’t know him either, but felt the urge to call a pastor and ask for prayer. To fulfill his pastoral duty, he began praying. What he wanted to say was simply for God to be with her and her father during this critical time but what came out of his mouth was something totally different. He told her that God would give her dad a new heart and a new lung. What was strange was that she didn’t even mention about his lung, just his heart.

After praying, Pastor Dawkins caught himself and immediately apologized to her for saying that, admitting that he himself had never seen anyone healed after his praying for them. The woman called back a few hours later to report that the heart surgery went well. But, what surprised the doctors was that his heart, which had been scarred from the heart disease he had suffered, was now completely healed—like a brand-new heart. And, one of his lungs, which had been partially removed, was now whole again.

God’s interruption changed and renewed Pastor Dawkins’ life and ministry. But, God does not always interrupt our lives in the same fashion. His interruption is not always pleasant—at times it is even
painful—but in the end, it is always good. And, it always stops us.

Pastor Paul

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