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Chinese New Year 2023 skit

Watch video and slide-show presentation for Mother's Day 2019

Enjoy our Chinese New Year 2019 performance by our favorites actors & actresses.

Another 360° video. Make sure you rotate and watch the audience's responses, it's fun 🙂

Pai Nyian (360° video) - by Hakka Family of FIBC

Once Upon a Time in Mon-Lo-Pia (360° video)
(We apologize, the video was cut-off in the last few minutes)

Put on your VR headset and enjoy these 360 videos:

This is Amazing Grace (360° video)

I Don't Know About Tomorrow (360° video)

Karena Cinta-Mu Tuhan - Vocal Group FIBC

Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb - Tensas dan Devi Djuhana