1.Women and men’s fellowship will be postponed until Saturday, September 23 at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the church. Every woman and man is invited to attend.
2.To those who wish to attend the retreat sessions without staying at the hotel, you still need to register with Enge Mulyapatera or Heny Junus. Meal price is $20.00/meal per person.
3.We will have choir and angklung practice today.
4.Thank you to all who have taken part and made our service possible today. God bless you.
5.Welcome to our new visitors. Thank you for coming. Please come again.

ATTENDANCE LAST SUNDAY Indonesian: 96; Lifeline: 27; KIDS ROCK and IMPACT: 13

WORSHIP TEAM: September 17, 2023
SERMON: Paul Gunadi
PRESIDER: Eluz Mantik
MUSICIAN: Santy Gunadi and Praise Team
SINGERS: Kimberly Wong – Sjafy Lim – Michael Moningka
USHERS: Yudi Mulyapatera – Enge Mulyapatera
OFFERING: Robby Sidarta – Susy Sidarta