ANNOUNCEMENT: November 17, 2019
1.Next Sunday we will celebrate Thanksgiving in our church.
2.We will have choir practice today.
3.Retreat participants who are not staying for the whole retreat program (3 days, 2 nights and 5 meals) please remain in the sanctuary after service for a short announcement given by Lina Wong.
4.Today and tomorrow, November 17 and 18, Seventh Day Adventist Church, City of Azusa and Adventist Medical Evangelism Network are offering free medical, dental, vision and other services like foot care, hair cut, etc. from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm on a first come first served basis. Located at Indonesian – American SDA Church, 803 W. 1st. St., Azusa, CA. Contact Cynthia Inderabudhi for more information or call 626-385-8729.
5.Welcome to our new visitors. Thank you for coming. Please come again.

ATTENDANCE LAST SUNDAY Indonesian: 130; Lifeline: 26; KIDS ROCK dan IMPACT: 12

WORSHIP TEAM: November 24, 2019
SERMON: Paul Gunadi
PRESIDER: Enge Mulyapatera
MUSICIAN: Santy Gunadi and Praise Team
SINGERS: Yunina Atmadja – Cynthia Inderabudhi – Tony Minarto
USHERS: Vincent Chai – Thomas Adidjaja
OFFERING: Hein Liem – Roni Inderabudhi