1. Lifeline will go hiking at Sturtevant Falls in Arcadia on Saturday, May 18. If you want to join them please let Caryssa Lim know today so she can purchase the parking passes. Meet at 7:30 am at church and we will go together.
  2. On Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day), Lifeline will do kayaking at Long Beach from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. If you are interested you can RSVP to Pastor Steve today. The cost is $18.00/3 hour if we have 20 and up participants.
  3. Next Sunday we will celebrate Mother’s Day.
  4. Today we will have choir practice.
  5. Welcome to our new visitors. Thank you for coming. Please come again.

ATTENDANCE LAST SUNDAY: Indonesian: 107; Lifeline: 28; KIDS ROCK and IMPACT: 13O

WORSHIP TEAM: May 12, 2019

  • SERMON: Poppy Adidjaja
  • PRESIDER: Weni Primanto
  • MUSICIAN: Santy Gunadi
  • SINGERS: Enge Mulyapatera – Fransisca Hartono – Kevin Yaori
  • USHERS: Hein Liem – Robert Taroreh
  • OFFERING: Vincent Chai – Yudi Mulyapatera