ANNOUNCEMENT: August 25, 2019
1.We can’t park in the parking lot next to the church anymore. The parking lot belongs to the City of Monrovia. You can park in the big parking lot a little bit further down from the small parking lot or the public parking lot across from the police station.
2.Bank of America won’t accept checks payable to “FIBC” or “GBIP”, so if you are giving offering or donation to the church in the form of a check please make it payable to the “First Indonesian Baptist Church”.
3.Next Sunday we will have Holy Communion. Please pray and prepare your hearts for this occasion.
4.We will have a bake sale today (risoles and kue putu ayu) as fundraising for retreat. Thank you for your participation.
5.For the next few weeks, Louisa Tan is collecting a list of e-mail addresses to make communication from church easier.
6.We will have choir practice today.
7.Welcome to our new visitors. Thank you for coming. Please come again.

ATTENDANCE LAST SUNDAY: Indonesian: 92; Lifeline: 37; KIDS ROCK and IMPACT: 15

WORSHIP TEAM: September 01, 2019
SERMON: Paul Gunadi
PRESIDER: Eluz Mantik
MUSICIAN: Joyce Ling and Praise Team
SINGERS: Marina Tjahjadi – Fransisca Hartono – Kevin Yaori
USHERS: Yudi Mulyapatera – Augustine Wong
OFFERING: Robert Taroreh – Vincent Chai