1. Happy Indonesian Independence Day on August 17.
  2. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health detected an increase in flea-borne typhus in and around the City of Monrovia. This disease is treatable and the people that have been affected have recovered. This disease is not transferred from human to human, only from animal to human (rats, cats and possums). Please be careful.
  3. We will have child dedication on Sunday, September 12. Anyone who wants to dedicate their children please contact the deacons or Pastor Paul.
  4. We will not have choir practice today.
  5. Welcome to our new visitors. Thank you for coming. Please come again.

ATTENDANCE LAST SUNDAY: Indonesian: 70; Lifeline: 21; KIDS ROCK and IMPACT: 1

WORSHIP TEAM: August 29, 2021

SERMON: Paul Gunadi

PRESIDER: Weni Primanto

MUSICIAN: Santy Gunadi and Praise Team

SINGERS: Heny Junus – Randy Moningka – Donald Moningka

USHERS: Hadi Tan – Louisa Tan

OFFERING: Thomas Adidjaja – Poppy Adidjaja