1.Happy Easter!
2.Women’s fellowship will be held on Saturday, April 15, at 10:00 am - 12:00 am at the church. Every woman is invited to attend.
3.Congratulations to Andrew and Ingrid Mar for the dedications of their first daughter, Ivory Ariel Mar and to Danny and Stefani Kristian for the dedication of their first son, Gianluca Danny Kristian and to Matthew Arthur Moningka and Samantha Morales for the dedication of their son Azure Levi Moningka today.
4.BKS-GICS Easter service and celebration will be held on Saturday, April 15, at 379 N Campus Ave., Upland, CA 91786. Bazaar starts at 4:00 pm and general service (including children and youth) start at 6:00 pm. Everyone is invited to attend.
5.Today we do not have choir practice.
6.Thank you to all who have taken part and made our service possible today. God bless you.
7.Welcome to our new visitors. Thank you for coming. Please come again.

ATTENDANCE LAST SUNDAY: Indonesian: 102: Lifeline: 30; KIDS ROCK and IMPACT: 8

WORSHIP TEAM: April 16, 2023
SERMON: Paul Gunadi
PRESIDER: Elza Suhendra
MUSICIAN: Santy Gunadi and Praise Team
SINGERS: Rooz Taroreh – Heny Junus – Michael Moningka
USHERS: Jenny Tsuji – Citra Lau
OFFERING: Nani Kurniawan – Enge Mulyapatera