The Shepherd’s Corner – December 3, 2017


I want to thank you for many things—for cleaning and decorating the church, for preparing the food and washing the dishes, for picking up people and taking them home, for preparing retreat and the music, for singing and for taking care of the audio-visual, for making sure that the bread and wine are ready for the Holy Communion and for living a holy life, and for caring for each other.

But, out of all I am most grateful to you for taking the Word of God seriously. I see you hungry for God’s Word, to dig into His Word, and to apply it into your lives. There is nothing that makes pastors happier than seeing this kind of hunger in the faces of their sheep. I consider myself fortunate to be able to see that in you. You see, it is God’s Word that transforms our lives and guides us to His will.

E. Stanley Jones, the great American missionary to India years ago once said, “Many of us are willing to do God’s work, but not God’s will.” Yes, there are many who’d volunteer their time to distribute food to the hunger or build homes for the homeless. And, there are many who’d not hesitate to share the Gospel to strangers and invite them to church. Many are willing to do God’s work, but not His will.

Obeying God’s will begins with studying God’s Word. When we do, we will, then, know more about His will. In my walk with Jesus, it is usually during my reading of God’s Word that I see or hear His will. The more I obey, the more God will reveal His will; conversely, the more I disobey, the less He will communicate His will to me.

Now you understand why I am most grateful to you for taking God’s Word seriously. I know God will reveal His will to you, and I am confident that you’ll do your hardest to obey it. So, thank you!

Pastor Paul

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